ANDREW MCKEOWN is an established mid-career sculptor specialising in Public Art Commissions. Andrew studied BA (Hons) Fine Art (sculpture) at Coventry University where he graduated in 1993.

Andrew’s expertise is in sculpture, design and environmental regeneration. Over the last 20 years Andrew has completed many large scale sculpture commissions throughout the U.K and internationally for local councils, property developers and environmental agencies such as  Wilmott Dixon, Wing Tai Holdings, Groundwork and Wildlife Trusts.

Born on Teesside in 1970, the son of a lifelong steelworker and schoolteacher Andrew’s immediate environment and upbringing has had a lasting influence on his artwork. It is perhaps no co-incidence that many of Andrew’s sculptures have been cast and fabricated in iron and steel, these two materials have shaped this area of North East England and continue to shape and form Andrew’s sculptures.

The industrial processes of casting and mould making inform and influence Andrew’s work in both a practical and conceptual way and he often create installations of multiple sculptures which are cast or fabricated in durable materials such as iron, steel, bronze and stone.

The artworks and sculpture that Andrew creates are site specific and can incorporate local historical references but these references may be subtle and are often combined with concepts which refer to the present and the future such as growth, change and renewal.

Working as part of a team with architects, landscape architects, project managers and other professionals Andrew sees collaboration as central to his work and his artwork makes a significant contribution to the regeneration of local communities and urban environments.

Local community groups have been involved in all of Andrew’s public commissions and he has extensive experience and knowledge in this area

Andrew works with a regular team of highly qualified professionals including blacksmith/fabricators, iron and bronze foundries and structural engineers. He also has experience working to C.D.M. regulations and is a qualified site safety supervisor SSSTS.

Andrew is also Co-Founder, Director and Trustee of Platform Arts Studios and Platform A Gallery in Middlesbrough Train Station. Platform Arts is a Teesside based charity which has been supporting professional artists and craftspeople in studios in Middlesbrough and Peterlee for over 15 years. Platform A gallery manages an exciting programme of contemporary art exhibitions and events.

Andrew lives and works in the North East of England and is available for public and private commissions throughout the U.K. and internationally.