Shipping Beacon

Core Ten Steel, 6 meters x 90cm. 2020

North Marine Park Regeneration Project. South Shields, South Tyneside.
Clients: South Tyneside Council.

‘Shipping Beacon’ is 6 metre tall and if features cut out and internally lit evocative words such as Navigation, Exploration, Industry, Resilience and below this trade/occupation names have been cut from 5mm Core Ten steel sheet and welded on and lit externally. Names such as Bosun, Stoker, Greaser and Foyboatman stimulate conversation about local people and provide identity and a source of pride and belonging.

Local people suggested the trade names and some of the evocative words during online consultation. The sculpture preserves and celebrates the people and the maritime heritage of South Shields.

The Beacon Artwork takes its shape from the nearby Lawe Top Beacons built in 1832 as navigational aids for ships sailing into the Tyne. The new Beacon takes the slender shape of the original Beacons and reinterprets this with the addition of text and light. In this way it is a contemporary reinterpretation of this traditional and iconic design.