Sycamore Seeds (Large) 

£2100 inc Vat (Supplied as two castings requiring self assembly on installation)  
£2820 inc Vat (Supplied assembled, set into a random sandstone boulder)

Product Information

Material: SG Cast Iron.      (Also possible in Foundry Bronze - P .O.A.)
Height:   100 cm / 39 in
Width:    185 cm / 72 in
Depth:    18 cm / 7 in
Weight:  100Kg approx.

Colours available: Rusted Iron finish


This high quality cast iron sculpture has been hand crafted by Andrew McKeown and cast in SG iron using traditional sand casting foundry methods. It is available in a rusted finish. SG is a strong and durable metal and has a greater tensile strength than ordinary grey iron. The colour will age and change due to weathering and atmospheric pollution. Many people think this adds to the beauty of cast iron sculptures as they are ever changing. 


Fixing Information

This sculpture comes with a 101.6mm x 5.74 CHS stainless steel pipe extended from its base 400mm, the pipe can be used to resin fix into a precast concrete foundation via core drilling or it can be set into wet pour rapid setting concrete or post mix. 

An additional 120cm x 35cm x 12mm cast iron or steel base plate with pre-drilled 16mm holes can be supplied which is welded to the stainless steel pipe with supporting gusset strips. This enables the sculpture to be fixed to a precast concrete base via resin anchors or cast in bolts which correspond to the holes in the base plate.  

Base Plate additional cost + £580 + vat each.

If the sculpture is supplied assembled and fitted to a random sandstone boulder it would need to be delivered on a pallet and the customer would require a means to lift the sculpture off the pallet and install it, (unless the artist has been asked to quote for installation.)  


As these sculptures are made to order there is a lead time of 12 - 20 weeks (approx) depending on the sculpture and material. 

Delivery and Installation

Delivery costs will be provided with your quotation. Please provide an address and postcode with your query. 
Installation can be arranged within mainland U.K at an extra cost on request.